NEW: OCTOBER 25, 2010

Click here to se the playlist for CHDW, my very own radio station. OK, itą”£tually my iPod and only I can listen to it at this point. But if you want to see a list of my 374 most favorite songs, click away!

Otherwise, there's nothing fancy here; it's just a bunch of links to mp3 files of the bulk of the recording I've done between 1989 and now. This includes the two official HOT D.A.M. releases (that being the band I led '92 - '95), plus a folk festival demo we did in '94, plus various demoes and Twig Tape contributions I recorded between 1989 and 2004. I've also uploaded a couple of demoes of new songs I wrote in Oct. '08. I do admit a certain satisfaction at being able to put something new out there on top of all the other songs.

Here are links to my personal favorites (in no particular order):

The sound quality is variable, but in most cases the mp3 files were ripped from the "original masters", such as they were.

I genuinely intend these songs to be enjoyed by you for free. However, to satisfy some deeply-ingrained entrerpeneurial impulse, I added a PayPal "donate" button. I also wanted to to see if it (the button) would work. But feel free to ignore it and just listen to the music.

All lyrics and music by DW unless otherwise noted.

My email address (which is also my PayPal account) is dweiss@sympatico.ca.

DW: Summer '89

I recorded these songs over the space of one day (maybe two) in June, 1989 in the UTS auditorium.

DW: State of the Union (1990)

I recorded these songs in two batches over the summer of 1990 in my room on the 3rd floor of Sim House at Campus Co-op. Used overdubs, multi-track, and MIDI for the first time.

Side One:

Side Two:

HOT D.A.M.: What It Takes (1992)

Not quite the first recording with Maryem (I believe we did some demoes earlier in the year) but this was the tape we used to get gigs and our first reviews.


HOT D.A.M.: The Song's The Thing (1993)

This was the money shot. First time recording in a real studio with a real producer--his name was Beck, but not the real Beck. Some Macedonian guy. He knew his stuff, though.

HOT D.A.M. Folk Festival Demoes (1994)

Recorded on Maryem's boom box, in her apartment, in the spring of 1994. Didn't get us a single gig, but these are the only recorded version of some of these songs.

DW: Songs 1995 - 2003

These songs were all recorded for the annual "Twig Tape" collections of music written by students and alumni.

DW: New Songs Fall 2008






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